Do You?

I really don’t care, she said. Do you?
The sky was blue, without a cloud.
I turned toward the sunrise,
felt the rays on my face,
moving in shadows that stretched
across the hills, fingers of light
that reached westward toward
evening and sunset and open desert.
I deadheaded the chrysanthemums,
picked up limbs fallen in yesterday’s storm,
noted the juncos and white-crowned sparrows
had arrived home for the winter and
stood briefly in silence before the one
perfectly formed rosebud that faced the first frost
of the season and survived. I checked the feeder
and filled the fountain, while the small brown birds
fluttered and chattered in the aspen trees nearby,
the two well-fed dogs sleeping soundly in the warming sun.
I watched them breathing for a moment, before lightly
stroking their fur and whispering their names,
and going inside. Yes, I do, I thought. Yes, I replied.

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