Spring Asparagus & Salmon Potato Bisque

Spring Asparagus Salmon Potato Bisque

This thick soup relies on the creativity of the cook and it is especially nice on a cold spring evening when winter hasn’t quite loosened its grip. It worked for me because there were leftover new potatoes and a chunk of poached salmon from the previous night’s meal. But like I said, creativity is key.

I started with a crockpot and loaded it up with yellow onion, a celery top, ¼ lb of asparagus and a large container of chicken broth, adding an array of herbs and spices that appealed to me – sage, black pepper, a bay leave, sea salt, etc. I let the pot simmer from morning to evening, filling the house with a lovely aroma.

About an hour before dinner, I strained the herbs and vegetables from the stock and returned it to the pan, adding about two cups of chopped leftover potatoes and about a cup of leftover salmon (after I checked for bones). I pureed the soft asparagus and onion and added the puree back to the stock, now thickened with potatoes and salmon. I then added about a ½ cup of buttermilk powder and ½ cup of dehydrated garlic potatoes, with a handful of dehydrated spinach for good measure. I left the pot on simmer and turned my attention to cornbread.

The soup blend of asparagus, onion, potatoes, and salmon was surprisingly good for something made from a little of this and a little of that. I reminded myself of the importance of keeping handy things in the cabinet for rainy days like this (also useful for camping trips) – in this case, chicken broth, dehydrated spinach, dehydrated buttermilk, and garlic potato flakes. The spinach and buttermilk not only taste good, they add important nutrients. The soup was creamy – sort of a light soft green from the asparagus, with flecks of pink salmon. It never cooked above a simmer, so the consistency was perfect. The dehydrated potatoes and buttermilk gave it thickness without adding a starch or heavy cream. Paired with the cornbread (gluten-free, with a hint of garlic and I used fresh farm eggs), the thick bisque was perfect for a rainy Friday night – not too heavy, full of healthy things, and warm. Life is good.

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