What to do with leftover chicken and mashed potatoes.

For the archives…or…what to do with leftover chicken and mashed potatoes on an off day. Sometime in the morning, put a few bony pieces of the leftover chicken (with the skin removed) in a crock pot with some water and few cloves of garlic. Set the heat to high for about an hour or so, then lower. Later in the afternoon, remove the chicken and cool so you can remove the bones and put the good parts back in the crock. Add the leftover mashed potatoes (about 2 cups). Scour the fridge for remaining ingredients. In my case, there was a yellow squash, some leftover asparagus and a third of a fairly large jar of jalapenos. I drained the jalapenos and dumped them in, along with the squash and asparagus cut in small pieces. I considered onion at the time but decided not to bother. Season gently with salt and pepper. Place on low and forget about it until evening when you’ve had a nice glass of wine and listened to Christmas and holiday music. Pronouncement: This is good. Downside: Good luck having the same ingredients at the same time in the future! Clearly some things were key to the taste (jalapenos, for sure!), but other available ingredients could be substituted (kale? onion? zucchini? spinach?) Enjoy!

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